Hskp Bathroom Dyno Clean-1.jpg

Dyno Clean  Download SDS

A concentrated heavy-duty floor cleaner and stainless steel cleaner. An all purpose cleaner-degreaser that cleans up heavily soiled hard surfaces.


Kooler Kleen  Download msds       

A freezer cleaner that clean freezers without the need to defrost or turn-off freezer.

Hskp Degreasers Dyno Foam-2.jpg

Dyno-Foam  Download SDS

A Chlorinated cleanser which creates a rich foam for longer dwell time. The superior surfactant system, along with chlorine, penetrates and removes soil rapidly, leaving a clean odor-free surface.

Glass Brite 3 Aqua copy.jpg

Glass Brite  Download SDS

Static-free and streak-free cleaner used on windows and mirrors.

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QuickBayt Fly Bait  Download SDS

Ready-to-use fly bait granules for the control of adult houseflies and lesser houseflies (including organophosphate resistant strains) in commercial, industrial and domestic areas.