Aqua Systems believes that a healthy environment is necessary for the well-being of our society, employees, customers and business, and is the foundation for a sustainable and strong economy.

We take seriously our responsibility for environmental stewardship and believe that as a chemical manufacturing company we should play a constructive role in helping to address the challenges facing the environment. It is our intent to play a vital part in our sphere of influence so that we can have a positive lasting impact on our environment. 

Our decisions take into account people (employees, customers, vendors, neighbors and our community) and resources (air, water, waste, energy, assets, and the environment). As a chemical manufacturer, distributor and consumer, we constantly review our operations to see how we can improve.

Our commitment begins with reuse, recycling, prevention of ground water and air contamination, and a constant emphasis on educating our staff and customers. We recognize that as a chemical manufacturing company we have an impact on the environment through the goods we purchase, the manufacturing and the products we sell. To that extent, we believe the following principles should guide us:

  • We reuse or recycle all of our 330-gallon totes, 55-gallon drums, 15-gallon drums, and most 5-gallon pails.  
  • We reuse or recycle our cardboard.  
  • We have converted a large percentage of our customers from recyclable packaging to re-usable packaging.  
  • We purchase and sell products that are packaged in larger re-usable/recyclable packaging.
  • When introducing new products we carefully evaluate the package sizing, re-usability/recyclability, costs and usages.  
  • Over 70% of our Sales & Service vehicles are hybrid vehicles.  
  • Our customers benefit with our re-usable packaging verses filling their dumpsters with non-recyclable material.
  • We continue to develop and introduce ‘green’ products.
  • We offer more concentrated products thereby reducing packaging.
  • We encourage our customers to purchase larger re-usable packaging by offering substantial quantity discounts and offering free pickup of empty containers.
  • We constantly train our employees and our customers on the proper and safe use of our product line.
  • We insure the proper storage and handling of all chemicals in our manufacturing and storage areas, as well as our transportation vehicles.

Our job is a never-ending journey in the quest for responsible environmental stewardship, balanced by industry and competitive restraints. We are proud of the fact that all of our employees are fully committed to doing their absolute best for our customers, community and the environment.