Aqua Systems, Inc., was founded by two restaurateurs in 1984. The original purpose was to cater to independent owner/operators on California’s Central Coast, because they felt that none of the other chemical companies really understood the restaurant business from an owner’s perspective.


At Aqua Systems, it is our desire to provide the highest quality products, service and equipment to our business relationships (Customers) in the commercial laundry, ware washing, and housekeeping industries. To fulfill this desire, we are dependent on our internal business relationships (Employees) to be focused on being like-minded and team members.

The principles of this company has put their faith in Jesus Christ to provide the strength and power to lead this company and to be servants to those who are given to us to lead.


We strive to foster a true culture of integrity, trust, and respect. A good reputation can only be achieved when promises of the highest level of service are made and kept. With this in mind, we approach every interaction with unconditional acceptance, while holding each other to a high degree of accountability and intervention when required. We endeavor to encourage our teammates to develop their God-given gifts, and challenge each other towards overall health on a daily basis. We believe these foundational attributes enable us to happily serve you and provide the best results.  

Trust Matters 

Providing a safe working environment for our employees and the communities we serve is a top priority.  We build and maintain this trust through strict adherence to safety guidelines and regulations and our work has been noticed.